PAVE: People in Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Environments: Culham City

Lead Participant: Euratom/CCFE


“I want to live in a vibrant community with easy access to work, leisure, family and entertainment and to my

local towns and the countryside. I want to be independent and mobile in my old age. I want to live well and I

want my great grandchildren to be able to live well too.”

Technology will play a key role in delivering these aspirations. Connected autonomous vehicles will be part of

the solution.

Culham City is a new test site that will be used explore how smart technologies can improve how we live by

enabling the safe and controlled testing of the next generation of transport solutions. In the process we will

generate the evidence, to convince users, regulators, insurers and investors alike, that autonomous vehicles are

a benefit to society.

Culham City puts real people at the heart of CAV research and will create a world leading facility that will

anchor CAV research in the UK for decades to come.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Euratom/CCFE, Abingdon £89,951 £ 89,951


Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD £48,241 £ 33,769
Siemens Public Limited Company, United Kingdom £9,550 £ 4,775
Amey OW Limited, PORT SOLENT £40,100 £ 20,050
Westbourne Comms Company Ltd, LONDON £59,317 £ 41,522


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