Microgrid Energy Storage using Lithum-Sulfur Batteries

Lead Participant: Oxis Energy Limited


OXIS Energy, a manufacturer Lithium Sulfur battery technology has formed a collaboration with the University

of Southampton to demonstrate a new rechargeable battery technology capable of achieving high cycle life at

competitive costs to target the microgrid energy storage market. The project will exploit OXIS Energy's core

Lithium Sulfur technology using a new electrolyte classification to extend cycle life. The University of

Southampton will exploit their extensive knowledge of novel electrochemical test techniques to assess

candidate electrolyte formulations and then test their performance credentials in the laboratory. These new

electrolytes will be then scaled up by OXIS and their full performance characterised in a prototype Li-S battery

cells. The project will demonstrate the commercial feasibility of this new rechargeable battery technology for

stationary energy storage. If successful developed this technology will reduce consumer costs and carbon

emissions whilst improving the Uk's energy security by being less reliant on foreign imports of fossil fuels.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Oxis Energy Limited, Abingdon, United Kingdom £97,361 £ 58,417


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £96,804


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