AutoTrip Non-EU Market Penetration Assessment

Lead Participant: Autotrip Ltd


NASA identified automobiles to be the largest net contributors to global warming (Carbon Action, 2014).

Currently there are an estimated 1bn vehicles on the road worldwide, expected to rise to 1.7bn by 2035

(Ward Journal, 2014). Around 1/3 of these vehicles are used for commercial purposes (Satista, 2015).

Ensuring commercial vehicles are able to comply with environmental reporting regulations is increasingly

valuable as environmental regulations proliferate globally.

UK SME, AutoTrip, leaders in automated business mileage, have developed a technology and brand

agnostic solution ensuring accurate mileage & carbon reporting can be obtained for any car in any fleet.

AutoTrip seek to undertake a feasibility study to understand the international market potential for their

innovative solution, and engage the partners necessary to exploit such an opportunity.

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Autotrip Ltd, LONDON




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