Community Energy Dynamic Solution with Blockchain (CEDISON)


Within the UK grid infrastructure environment, renewable potential is curtailed, preventing large penetration of Renewable Energy Sources and injection of all available power into the grid. This leads to an opportunity for micro-grids at the community level to be optimised, enabling local balancing and providing extra revenue schemes, i.e. electric transportation charging, or electric heating. In addition, Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain can be used to stipulate and store smart contracts that enforce proportional fairness among participants in low-carbon microgrids. CEDISON will examine the synergy between DLTs, intelligent building monitoring and control at community level, including forecasting based on weather and electricity price and Peer-to-Peer trading to smart energy systems. CEDISON is the first of its kind to define a way to capture the benefits of local balancing markets, at building and district level, enhancing consumer digitalisation, and being able to measure the impact in rural and city district microgrids. CEDISON is disruptive, in a way that allows evaluation of interactions of data trading providing insights to consumers, planners, markets, business and governmental bodies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited £258,916 £ 154,150


Our Power Energy Supply Limited, London £136,192 £ 80,353
Chaddenwych Services Ltd, LONDON £210,313 £ 147,219
London Business School, United Kingdom £161,886 £ 161,886


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