The Parking Platform

Lead Participant: Yellow Line Parking Ltd


"AppyParking is creating the next generation Parking Platform(tm) that bridges the gap between big data, high definition mapping, Internet of Things and payments.

Firstly, we use laser based LIDAR sensors to collect the Traffic Management Order data that defines the parking estate in a town or city directly from the road. Our platform solution offers local authorities and car park operators a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to manage their on and off-street parking and traffic management assets. including collecting roadside data on yellow lines, bays and signs using LIDAR surveys.

Standardised parking data is then licensed to vehicle makers, mapping/navigation companies, connected car manufacturers and hence to drivers and other consumers .

This holistic approach offers a complete and scaleable Smart City solution. In the short term AppyParking can dramatically save cites from congestion and pollution and save drivers time and money. Additionally, The Parking Platform can save UK tax payers hundreds of millions of pounds and dramatically increase productivity whilst preparing the UK's cities for the autonomous and mobility revolution."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Yellow Line Parking Ltd, london £1,186,421 £ 756,595


Milton Keynes Council, United Kingdom £11,900 £ 11,900
Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge £18,414 £ 18,414
Coventry City Council, United Kingdom £48,414 £ 48,414
Westminster City Council £2,515 £ 2,515


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