Intelligent Situational Awareness Platform

Lead Participant: Sirius Constellation Ltd


**This collaborative project between Sirius Constellation Ltd and Kings College London will look at the technical feasibility of applying a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to the ever increasing amount of near or actual real-time satellite data (and other) that is becoming available to commercial and defence operators in order to provide more accurate and trusted assessments and enable more efficient use of available assets.**

Using a vast amount of data drawn from multiple sources (satellite earth observation, Automated Identification Systems, terrestrial and satellite radar, optical and infra-red imagery, and others), the system will apply advanced and innovative AI technology to provide the operator with an uncluttered, consolidated picture of the situation as well as a detailed analysis of the environment, in which attention is drawn to unusual activities. Responses to developing situations will be proposed.

Significantly, through the use of Explainable AI (xAI), an operator will be able to understand why the platform has drawn a particular conclusion or recommended response. This project will develop the use of AI and xAI tools for use with near-real-time situational awareness information, demonstrating the commercial and operational benefits. The developed system will provide an operator with an uncluttered picture of activity by displaying contacts (vessels etc) that have been detected and tracked by one or multiple sensors. The picture will be continuously analysed and the operator presented with an intelligent analysis highlighting anomalies and changes that might influence his particular operation.

This application of AI and xAI will generate significant operational efficiencies, significantly in the need for fewer analysts and fewer, more efficiently employed assets (e.g. ships/aeroplanes). There are numerous potential applications, for example:

* the monitoring of a commercial supply chain with analysis of the consequences of any disruption;
* routine surveillance of an area for security purposes;
* the efficient management of port activities;
* the monitoring of, and response to illegal fishing;
* the management of a commercial shipping fleet dealing with the day-to-day requirements to respond to changes in tasks, weather, security and vessel efficiency;
* military operations.

The project will advance Kings College London's knowledge and understanding of state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence and feed into future capabilities of Sirius Constellation Ltd, leading to significant job creation and export opportunities.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sirius Constellation Ltd, London £596,287 £ 417,401


King's College London, United Kingdom £133,696 £ 133,696


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