Audio Beacon Based Authentication - Phase 2


Project Title: Audio Beacon Based Authentication

Leading University: London Metropolitan University

Partner Organisation: Lloyds Banking Group

This project aims at developing a technical solution which enables the use of voice-controlled devices for executing financial transactions in an easy and secure way. We are surrounded by clever devices everywhere – at home, on the way while walking, driving or traveling, and in public places. Some of them even understand us by just talking, like Amazon Alexa, and they are becoming more wide spread by day. But the society needs more from technology to improve quality of life. Today it is possible to connect most of them to the Internet easily. Imagine how exciting it would be to be able to ask them to check your balance, or to order buying your ticket by just talking ... Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible due to the low level of security of voice-controlled devices. The technology must provide the opportunity to use services everywhere in an easy way with guaranteed security.

The solution is very complex. It requires combining some of the hottest technologies in Cyber Security – Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Information Security. In this project we will involve both researchers of the Cyber Security Research Centre of LMU and experts in industrial collaboration from the Business Accelerator of LMU. They have been working with Lloyds in this area for a number of years have already established a sustainable partnership based on trust and success. The two partnering organisations are now looking for a joint venture which will provide new opportunities not only for them, but also for other financial institutions as well as for vendors of consumer equipment and Internet service providers. Which will benefit the entire society because it will improve the everyday use of technology.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom £10,500 £ 10,500


Lloyds Banking Group Plc, Edinburgh


10 25 50