Narrations produced by Italian Imperialism: Representation of eastern Adriatic during the Fascist period ( 910-1943)

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Modern Languages and Cultures


The project looks at the ways in which the eastern Adriatic was constructed discursively immediately prior to and during the Fascist regime.It aims to show the specificity of the Fascist ventennio in the history of Italian expansionism. It aims to enhance our knoweldge of Fascist imperialism by focusing on a region which was fundamental for its development. It aims to further our understanding of the role that cultural representations fulfilled in the development of an imperial project that lies at the heart of the 20th century. The research will focus on colonial periodicals, relevant publications and archival material.The methodology of the thesis is based on the inquiry into the operation of discursive formations, drawing on the work of Focault, Said and an extensive body of theoretically angled research on Euro-Orientalism.


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