Identification of genetic and protein modifications linked with neuropathic and inflammatory pain

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Clinical Dentistry


This study will use human neuromas and tooth pulps available at the University of Sheffield to identify modifications of cellular and extracellular components, including extracellular vesicles, that are linked with the development of neuropathic and inflammatory pain. The project will extend our previous work that has utilised these tissues to identify proteins and miRNAs whose expression is explicitly linked with the presence and intensity of pain in man. The study will initially focus on investigating expression of a range of molecules predicted to be downstream targets of the neuropathic pain-associated miRNAs we have recently identified. Examples include interleukin receptors, ion channels, transmembrane transporters and resolvin receptors. Further analysis of patient tissues (including neuromas, tooth pulps, blood and saliva) will be carried out to establish molecular pathways relevant to chronic pain via investigation of coding and non-coding RNA, proteins, DNA and extracellular vesicles.


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