New Observations of the Inner Heliosphere: from Fundamental Physics to Space Weather

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


We are now transitioning to a 'data rich' era in our exploration of the heliosphere and how the sun's expanding plasma atmosphere, the solar wind, affects space weather at earth. The combination of long-standing solar and solar wind observations with recently launched Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter missions that will visit within the orbit of Mercury provide unprecedented opportunities both for the study of fundamental physical processes such as turbulence and reconnection, and for improved quantitative insights into space weather at earth. The high Reynolds number solar wind is a large-scale natural laboratory for the study of turbulence in-situ, and Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter will scan the solar wind as it evolves from the vicinity of the solar corona to earth orbit. The project will involve understanding, modelling and adapting current data analytics methods to apply them to the rich and varied classes of in-situ and ground based space plasma observations. It will involve combining nonlinear plasma physics with a careful understanding of the varied nature of the observations and their uncertainties.


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Studentship Projects

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ST/W507908/1 30/09/2021 29/09/2025
2590407 Studentship ST/W507908/1 03/10/2021 30/03/2025 Alina Bendt