Mid infrared photon counting with superconducting nanowires

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Engineering


This QuantIC industrial studentship will provide an exciting and rewarding training opportunity for a doctoral student to work at the cutting edge of single-photon detection for quantum technologies. This project will be jointly hosted by the Quantum Sensors Group at the University of Glasgow (GU), and Single Quantum BV, Delft, The Netherlands (SQ).
The Quantum Sensors group (led by Professor Robert Hadfield) is the UK's leading research group on superconducting single-photon detectors. These devices set the gold standard for low noise, high speed, high efficiency single photon detection in broad spectrum of quantum technology applications. Key application areas include single photon LIDAR, ghost imaging and ground-to-space quantum communications.
Single Quantum BV (https://singlequantum.com/) is Europe's leading company in the superconducting single-photon detector arena. A spin-out of TU Delft NL, Single Quantum has grown to almost 50 employees in under a decade, serves customers worldwide, including top research groups in quantum technologies and industrial R&D labs. Single Quantum offer superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with near unity efficiency at 1550 nm housed in practical closed-cycle systems; extension to mid infrared wavelengths and scale up to large device arrays and arrays are clear strategic priorities to open up new markets in photon counting applications.
The QuantIC industrial student will deploy next generation superconducting nanowire devices in arrays in custom cryogenic systems for single-photon imaging and remote sensing applications. This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitious student with a background in physics or engineering, interested in applied quantum technologies.


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