Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators

Lead Participant: Ove Arup & Partners Limited


The CABLED project will showcase electric cars across Birmingham & Coventry in the West Midlands. The project will make Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles available to a wide cross section of real world users and collect data on their everyday use. The CABLED project will use the data to understand how the vehicles are used in real life and to assist in the planning of the further expansion of EVs.
This project will:
• deliver a showcase demonstration of 100+ ultra low carbon vehicles across Birmingham and Coventry in West Midlands.
• deliver the infrastructure required in the users' property, in workplaces, and in public areas.
• provide extended real world vehicle evaluation and usage data to allow final development and hence ensure successful production launch of ultra low carbon vehicles.
• collect data to measure vehicle performance, infrastructure usage patterns, impacts and requirements with a minimum 12 months experience of seasonal conditions from all vehicles.
• publicise the benefits and progress of low carbon vehicles


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