A Simulation-based Optimisation Tool for the Minimisation of Building Carbon Emissions and Water Usage


The OPTIMISE tool will be specifically designed to give better guidance on design decisions and will enable the delivery of low impact and zero carbon buildings in the UK. The innovative approach will be applicable at every design stage, with the most significant gains in building performance resulting through its application to the concept design stage (during which there is the greatest potential to explore alternative design solutions). The tool will be able to optimise complex design factors such as glazed area, choice of construction materials, building orientation and compliance based on objectives such as energy consumption, carbon emissions and cost and constraints such as achieving specific daylight factor values.
The developed technology is a software tool that provides designers with a set of alternative optimised design solutions that aid decision making at any design stage. This takes advantage of existing 3D dynamic simulation modelling software (IES) and optimisation algorithms, designed specifically for use with a dynamic building design process (Loughborough University).




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