MAGSPLIT - Magnetic Power Split Technology for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Lead Participant: Magnomatics Limited


Magnomatics’ (MM) innovative magnetic CVT (mCVT) integrates a magnetic planetary gear and a highly efficient control motor/generator to enable a superior power-split HEV powertrain to be realised. A Proof of Concept mCVT has demonstrated excellent efficiency and robustness within a compact package. It has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars by 1.3Mtonnes p.a. by 2020. Ford UK will provide the specification, technical steer and CAE vehicle studies, MM will design, build and test an mCVT for a passenger car, Arnold Magnetic Technologies (AMT) will manufacture core magnetic components and Romax Technology (RT) will assist with determining optimum HEV architecture and control. A thorough assessment of performance benefits will enable OEMs to assess the market potential, enabling future advanced UK volume manufacturing of components.




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