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Kendra Hub will function as a standalone application that will enable content owners to syndicate and aggregate their media and metadata to and from multiple distribution points and social networks; whilst also including a configurable user-centric dashboard interface that will substantially improve the ability for professionals to manage and understand their businesses.

Kendra’s participation in MediaMapPlus is to develop an open media exchange component called Kendra Hub to provide an interoperability layer between different sources and targets of media and associated metadata, external to the core MediaMapPlus ecosystem, such as online media archives, news and social networks.

MediaMapPlus has received the EUREKA ITEA label. The UK partner in this project is Kendra.

MediaMapPlus aims to construct a full production and distribution chain for audiovisual assets. The goal of MediaMapPlus is to enable a dynamic, low-threshold and cost-effective media production ecosystem – an application framework that is capable of supporting any type of collaboration, including collaboration within a single company, interaction between different institutional producers as well as participation of occasional producers.

Semantic technology is key to providing a cost-effective, robust and scalable solution. Semantically aware indices will properly disclose media metadata to professional applications.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

KENDRA FOUNDATION £179,553 £ 100,000


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