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Lead Participant: Oxbotica Limited


"Oxbotica ( is a new spin-out from Oxford University’s internationally acclaimed Mobile Robotics Group (, specialising in mobile autonomy, navigation and perception. We enable smart adoption of mobile autonomy, by drawing on world leading research into autonomous robotics. Our solutions allow robots, vehicles, machinery
and people to precisely map, navigate and actively interact with their surroundings, delivering added functionality, capability and precision to a wide range of applications. Our 3D imaging and localisation solutions operate indoors and outdoors and are seamlessly scalable. Our core technology is suitable for use in numerous applications including hand held survey devices and autonomous vehicles

Our primary business model is to commercialise University IP and creation of new application-specific IP to support implementation. In this proposal we are seeking Innovate UK support to help us develop an IP Management Strategy that will help us maximise return on our technology investments, and enable our University inventors to be rewarded for their creativity.

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Oxbotica Limited, OXFORD




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