Better Greener Faster Facades



The Prime Minister in his speech of 30 June 2020 outlined the UK Government strategy to support a post COVID-19 recovery to "build, build, build". This project supports that strategy through 'Better, Greener, Faster Facades' aimed primarily at the Education sector and supporting the schools building programme. In particular, this will enable much more productive and thermally efficient, sustainable components for the external walls of a school - which accounts for approximately 20% of the build cost - to be delivered to the project fully completed, and reducing the onsite workforce that currently needs to work in close proximity. The project will design, deliver and test a working prototype by June 2021 with a target of incorporating into the next wave of school building projects thereafter. The product and system will also have a wider application into other building sectors, include healthcare.


The project outputs will include:

•Designed and tested Better, Greener, Faster Facade prototype

•A digitally configurable tool to enable the rapid design into new schools projects

•Evidence and sustainability analysis supporting the Better, Greener, Faster credentials of the system


The project team (SME denoted\*) is:

•Laing O'Rourke (lead) -- a leading construction, engineering and manufacturing enterprise

•Ramboll -- a leading design and engineering consultancy company with a deep understanding of the education sector and façade technology

•Etude\* -- a sustainability consultant with focus on the built environment

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Laing O'rourke Services Limited £218,747 £ 174,998


Etude Consulting Limited £18,630 £ 14,904
Ramboll UK Limited, LONDON £138,947 £ 111,158


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