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**Vision** - COVID-19 will change the nature of trade and impact the UK's economic performance, trade strategy/policy and global position. WTO forecasts global trade will fall 30% due to COVID-19\. COVID-19 places unique demands on policymakers to quickly formulate strategies based on sparse evidence. Policy choices need justification by independent and highly-accurate, real-time, data. However, tools/technology available to policymakers' (economic data/models) do not utilise real-time data and therefore cannot support timely evidence-based decision-making.

**Idea & Objective** - MultiLateral Thinking will uniquely combine complex validated trade models, real-time data and world class policy knowledge to determine the actual impact on trade of COVID-19 and allow scenarios to be run. Beyond COVID-19, the platform will support UK and international policymakers during geopolitical change (including Brexit, changing international relationships, WTO reform).

This opportunity could be addressed by combining data and state-of-art analytics. The MultiLateral Thinking project will conduct industrial research to develop and demonstrate this innovative technology.

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