GNSS Antenna Phase II

Lead Participant: Leonardo Mw Ltd


Selex ES are proposing an antenna concept that employs novel microstrip printed element technology to obtain multi-frequency, GNSS operation from a single, composite output, low profile patch-ring antenna. The fundamental design is a quad-band circular patch antenna with parasitic concentric ring resonator and an innovative coupled line feed structure. This technology uses established printed circuit fabrication techniques and can therefore be easily manufactured, at low cost, to suit a wide range of applications where size and weight is a key parameter, for example, the dismounted soldier or small vehicle deployment. A critical design feature for this concept is performance stability and reliability of the antenna when deployed on the platform itself in a typically harsh military environment.
The principle of this antenna element design is modular and scalable making it applicable to a variety of applications, including use within controlled radiation pattern arrays (CRPAs) as used in anti-jam networks.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Leonardo Mw Ltd £86,256 £ 86,256


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