Developing the Nanokick Bioreactor for Commercialisation and Cell Therapy

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: College of Medical, Veterinary &Life Sci


There is a >£1B market emerging for engineered bone graft, including products containing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). However, MSCs don't produce bone, osteoblasts do. Previous BBSRC funding has helped develop our Nanokick bioreactor for chemical-free supply of osteogenic, bone forming, cells. Here, we will address technical, regulatory and commercial objectives towards manufacture of a genuinely scalable allogeneic cell therapy for bone grafting. We have already secured funding for a first-in-man study in 2021. However, this project will address the regulatory and process specific technological challenges to supplying clinical grade cells for large trials and, ultimately, as a marketed therapeutic product. This same challenge of scalable manufacture has slowed or ceased progress of many cellular therapies, therefore the processes being developed here are expected to have wider impact in the cell therapy sector.


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