Small items of research equipment at The University of Sheffield

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


The University of Sheffield requests support for 12 initiatives across the Faculties of Science and Engineering which will enhance the experience of our early career researchers by updating and investing in small scale equipment. This bid comprises five projects from the Faculty of Engineering, three from the faculty of Science and four interdisciplinary projects from our leading research centres.

Planned Impact

Impact Summary
The investment will primarily benefit early career researchers by increasing their productivity and giving them access to high-precision data and the ability to perform preliminary tests to help them to prepare higher-quality first grant proposals. It will give them enhanced capacity in new and ground-breaking fields where they can position themselves as pioneers. It will give them experience of cross-disciplinary disciplines and a broader awareness of research in other fields where there is potential for cross-cutting research. The equipment earmarked for purchase will also open up possibilities for them to conduct research of direct interest to industry and will offer the potential of collaboration with commercial partners.

Undergraduate and masters students will also benefit from use of the equipment and the data it generates. As well as providing a richer student experience, the facilities will be fundamental to the creation of two new programmes in cross-cutting fields with an identified skills gap which will produce highly-employable graduates.

Our partner organisations, academic, commercial and public, will benefit from use of some of the equipment to which they would otherwise not have access. Data will be widely shared across the academic community, and some of the facilities will be used for research that directly addresses challenges of immediate interest to industry (e.g. novel manufacturing techniques).

Lastly, there will indirect be benefits for the environment, the economy and society as the equipment will be specifically targeted at areas of immediate and high impact such as assisted living, renewable energy, healthcare and health technologies, building performance, drug discovery and carbon based systems.


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