HarwellXPS Development 2022

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Chemistry


We seek to expand the facilities offered by the National Research Facility in photoelectron spectroscopy (HarwellXPS, www.harwellxps.uk) to address the wider needs of communities using the centre beyond simply photelectron spectroscopy and thereby improve the impact of the service. We will purchase two systems that provide topographical information that complements the surface chemical information provided by XPS. Firstly, a SEM system that can be precisely synced with the XPS so that bulk composition and local topography can be correlated with the surface chemistry; secondly an optical profiler to study the etch cratering commonly used in XPS depth profiling that will allow accurate depth information to correlate with the XPS chemical signals. Finally, we will purchase an electrochemical station that will enable all HarwellXPS users to make full use of the unique sample holder already available to study samples under different potentials. The equipment selected is based upon a variety of sources of evidence that have identified two areas of need:
(1) Energy materials, including batteries and capacitors. With the increasing electrification of all aspects of technology, there is an urgent need to develop new materials to improve clean energy production and storage. This is a research area served by the Faraday Institute and the extension of HarwellXPS will enable further engagement between the two institutions.
(2) New materials for new technologies: As our technology grows more sophisticated it is placing increasingly stringent demands on the materials employed. Developing new materials to meet these demands depends on improving our understanding of the nature and behaviour of the materials concerned. The new facilities will allow HarwellXPS to offer researchers a significantly enhanced array of tools to study materials.


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