Collaborative Autosub Science in Extreme Environments

Lead Research Organisation: National Oceanography Centre
Department Name: Science and Technology


This proposal is aimed at enhancing the international reputation of the NERC Autosub autonomous underwater vehicle programme and building on its science achievements. It will sustain an international presence, and provide a bridge between the Autosub Under Ice directed programme and future opportunities such as International Polar Year. There are four deliverables within this proposal: 1) A Masterclass and a separate Science Workshop that will reinforce the UK position as a world leader in environmental science and technology using autonomous underwater vehicles. 2) Twelve competitive placements, arranged in conjunction with the British Council, to enable young UK and overseas scientists and engineers to develop lasting collaborative links. 3) Sponsorship of sessions and poster receptions at major international conferences (American Geophysical Union, European Geophysical Union) and at workshops co-organised with the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and International Polar Year. 4) Outreach to young people and their educators worldwide through a web-conference arranged through the College for Exploration.


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