Piloting an Information Management Framework for Environmental Digital Twins

Department Name: Science and Technology


This research is focused on the development of a widely applicable IMFe that is informed by a new pilot digital twin and other existing twin initiatives. The activity will develop the IMFe in an agile way, as described in the IMFe report [2] and so fundamental to the project's success will be tight coupling of the IMFe development within the digital twin (WP4) and the developments of the IMFe for more general use, including in other digital twins (WP3). This tight coupling is depicted in Figure 1. The ambition to develop a fully functioning digital twin, with well-developed IMFe components, means the development will need to be streamlined and efficient. Strong user interaction, particularly with Defra family representatives, will ensure that the maximum value is obtained from the digital twin whilst delivering the dual purpose of an IMFe in practice, as evidenced by an asset register that contains the IMFe components developed.


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