Nuclear Physics Equipment Grant 2018

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


The equipment sought in this request will enhance the programme of research that has been supported with the Nuclear Physics Consolidate Grant, which was awarded last year. We have selected three opportunities for developing the programme further:
1) a local HPC Data Hub in support of our Jefferson Lab data anaylsis and software development activities
2) a PMT and associated readout test facility in support of our detector development activities in line with the current JLab standard and for new generation detector development such as those required for the EIC
3) the neutron dose rate monitoring systems which will allow for the safe operation of an AmBe source in support of design and construction of neutron detection systems.

Planned Impact

We collaborate with academic and industrial partners, using our expertise and knowledge in a variety of fields, from detector design and construction for the nuclear industry to applications of detectors and accelerators in new forms of cancer treatment. The group's expertise in research and the design, simulation and construction of a variety of detector systems provides a very strong position for knowledge exchange activities, from radionuclide imaging to nuclear monitoring and security applications. Through our work in learned societies, such as the IoP and the EPS, we contribute to the promotion of the field and science in general to the general public. The academics and researchers of the nuclear physics group play an essential role in training early career researchers in a large variety of technological skills, data analysis and physics interpretation. Graduates of the Nuclear Physics group are employed in a large variety of sectors, from academia to finance, from the NHS to the nuclear industry and national security.


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