Water Resistant Properties of Uranium Silicide High Density Fuels for Enhanced Accident Tolerance

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


Uranium Silicide (U3Si2) is a leading candidate for higher density fuels to be
used in future fission reactors since they provide a potential economic and
safety advantage over existing fuel-clad combinations.
The project will seek to provide an in depth experimental study of the surface
reactivity of U3Si2 with water over a range of pressure and temperature
conditions analogous to i) ambient storage, ii) normal LWR operating
conditions, and iii) accident conditions. The project will make use of a specialist UHV actinide sputter-deposition
instrument to fabricate U3Si2 thin film samples of different crystal orientations. Samples will be analysed and subjected to controlled water corrosion in monitored experimental cells to accurately derive corrosion rates.


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Lawrence Bright E (2018) Epitaxial UN and a-U2N3 thin films in Thin Solid Films

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Lawrence Bright E (2019) Comparing the corrosion of uranium nitride and uranium dioxide surfaces with H2O2 in Journal of Nuclear Materials

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