Charged Higgs search at ATLAS

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


To gain a thorough understanding of the 2 Higgs Doublet Model.
To calculate the cross section for g g > H^(+/-) t b > t tbar b bbar.
To search for charged Higgs.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
ST/N504178/1 30/09/2015 30/03/2021
1680493 Studentship ST/N504178/1 09/09/2015 31/03/2019 Emily Claire Orgill
Description A method has been devised to improve the ability to find any charged Higgs boson particles, which have not yet been discovered. It does this using machine learning to calculate the properties of groups of visible particles produced in interactions at the LHC, and labelling which one is most similar to the properties we would expect of the visible particles that come from the decay of the Higgs boson. A secondary part attempted to calculate the properties of the two individual neutrinos that arise from this decay, since neutrinos are only recorded as one single quantity (the amount of energy not accounted for by the visible particles) since the detector cannot detect neutrinos. By doing this, we can choose which neutrino most likely originated from the Higgs boson decay. These two things together allow us to determine the most likely charged Higgs boson in an interaction. We can then compare simulated interactions with and without a charged Higgs boson to determine the differences.
Exploitation Route The methods described can be used at the LHC on data, using the expected results from simulation as a comparison. If they see properties of the most likely charged Higgs boson that are significantly inconsistent with the expectation that the charged Higgs boson does not exist, it is possible to posit that the charged Higgs boson has been discovered. If not, the tested possible Higgs boson masses can be excluded from further consideration. In this way, we narrow down the possible masses the charged Higgs boson could have. These new methods will improve the ability to do these things.
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