Interactions in triple stellar systems

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute of Astronomy


Stars in triple systems may interact in a variety of ways during their lifetime. I have begin by studying the effect of wind accretion onto a binary star. This can occur in triple systems, and also in isolated binaries that travel through an ambient medium (such as a dense stellar cluster or the galactic centre).
I am carrying out this work using a variety of numerical simulations (mainly SPH), with the aim being a numerical correction factor to apply to standard models of accretion.
After this stage, I intend to move on to considering evolution of triple systems as a whole. I plan to adapt Rob Izzard's binary_c code for this purpose. Accurate simulation of triple stars can be used to test rates of observed astrophysical phenomena, such as stellar pollution, rates of supernovae and gravitational-wave-producing mergers.


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Studentship Projects

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ST/N503988/1 01/10/2015 30/09/2020
1786842 Studentship ST/N503988/1 01/10/2016 31/03/2020 Tom Comerford