Coherent and perfect absorption with organic molecules: an exploration of strong and ultra-strong light-matter coupling

Lead Research Organisation: University of St Andrews


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Description I investigated mathematical and numerical (i.e. computer simulations) techniques to understanding certain quantum systems in a more realistic manner than has been addressed so far.

In particular I have looked at heating and cooling of these types of systems, where you can see differences in behaviour because we have accounted for so-called 'structure' of the environment.

In situations where you have tiny devices eg. very small electrical set-ups or precisely manufactured optical devices, the way that your experiment interacts with its surrounding is important.

We have modelled this and found the key feature that you can design the coupling to your environment in such a way as to directly control what your device does. This gives an additional level of control past the conventional types, such as controlling things like voltage, applied magnetic fields, pressure and crystal structure.

So the 'structure' in the environment has now an understanding in how it will sensitively influence the particular kind of systems I investigated, whereas this understanding was hard to find in literature.
Exploitation Route There are several lines of reasoning in our calculation which we definitely see a route to continuing to more complicated and interesting cases.

Code that I developed could very easily be put to use for a variety of other variations of the system's we studied in the course of this PhD as it has fairly general application to model other quantum systems.
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