Shape coexistence of bismuth isotopes

Lead Research Organisation: University of York
Department Name: Physics


My supervisor for this project is professor Andrei Andreyev. There are two approved experiments which will be carried out. These are:

- Low-energy beta-delayed fission at ISOLDE(CERN) and GARIS(RIKEN).

- Shape coexistence and charge radii in the chain of bismuth isotopes studies by laser

spectroscopy at ISOLDE(CERN).

The low energy beta delayed fission will be carried out in June-July 2016 and the Garis experiment is scheduled to occur in December 2016. These experiments will allow us to address three important problems which are related to the low energy fission of exotic nuclei. These are:
- The height and isospin dependence of the fission barriers of these nuclei
- the mass/charge distribution of fission fragments from the fission reactions
- The influence of the shell effects on fission of these exotic nuclei
The data will be analysed using the model calculations for the fission process. This involves using ROOT CERN to analyse the data and different types of spectra that have been produced from the experiment. Initially, the work that has been involved is looking into the selection and parity rules of alpha and gamma decay as well as looking at hyperfine spectroscopy (HFS). The collaboration is in close contact with the theory groups in York.


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