Resilient infrastructure networks - optimization of locating emergency management resources

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Civil Engineering and Geosciences


Climate change and an intensely increasing urbanisation are going to increase the risk of natural hazards that cities and infrastructures are going to face in the near future. Infrastructures can be considered as the pillars on which cities are built on, consequently, protecting them means to make cities more resilient.

This research aims to develop an optimization framework in order to face different challenges and achieve multiple objectives, such as the identification of the safest location of temporary defences, costs optimization (short and long term), transport optimization (concerning time, distance, cost etc.) and the stocking position and cost.
Concerning temporary defences, the work will be focused on fluvial floods. Pluvial floods, instead, will not be taken into account in a primary stage of the research, but they will not be entirely neglected due to the fact that they can temporarily afflict the transport system.

A spatially implemented genetic algorithm is planned to be used in order to produce different Pareto-optimal outcomes, which can be the base of future temporary defences and infrastructure design.

Several issues will be considered in the modelling, some of which are: the identification of vulnerable sites and routes between emergency management resources (with a special consideration of vulnerable bridges), the placement of temporary defences, the best choice of different kinds of temporary defences (considering a possible reuse, immediacy, availability of skilled staff, efficacy with respect to cost, etc. ...), the stocking position etc.

Concerning case studies, it is planned to start from a regional scale in order to test the algorithm and the methodology before considering a wider range.


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