Simulating Moving Components in High Wear Environments

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Earth Science and Engineering


Component wear is a key consideration for mineral processing industries given the abrasive nature of mineral processing slurries. The ability to predict wear and to design components to minimise wear is thus highly desirable. This can result in longer service life of parts, improved performance and reliability, and reduction of downtime leading to increased profit margins in a highly competitive market. Understanding the interactions between moving components, fluid-solid motion and coupling, and its subsequent wear is important. This allows us to optimise design and operating parameters to improve performance as well as enhancing the service life of these parts.
Particle induced wear is hard to predict, especially in complex moving geometries. This project aims to develop a model capable of dynamically deforming in complex geometries as a result of particle induced wear, assess the impact of different models and operating parameters on the resultant wear behaviour in pumps and develop new modelling tool set for improved performance prediction, including failure prediction.


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