Characterising the properties of Solar and Stellar Flares

Lead Research Organisation: Northumbria University
Department Name: Academic Services


This project will use optical data obtained using Kepler and K2 of low mass stars to search for flares. This project will determine if flares are preferentially observed at specific rotation phases and if so whether this is consistent with the view that they originate from cooler starspots. A search will also be made to determine if stellar cycles in stars can be found from the long term rate of stellar flares. A second strand to the project will involve studying Solar flares and searching for, amongst other things, quasi periodic oscillations from flares.


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Doyle L (2018) Investigating the rotational phase of stellar flares on M dwarfs using K2 short cadence data in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Studentship Projects

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ST/N503927/1 19/10/2015 18/10/2020
1864481 Studentship ST/N503927/1 01/10/2016 18/10/2020 Lauren Doyle
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Amount € 500 (EUR)
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Sector Learned Society
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Start 06/2019 
End 07/2019
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End 02/2020
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