Polymer Supported Components for Lubricant Additives

Lead Research Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Department Name: Pure and Applied Chemistry


The research programme will seek to build on methodologies developed to remove polycyclic hydrocarbons from engine oils to create bespoke materials and methods that are designed to remove contaminants from hydrocarbons. More specifically, the objective of this project would be to test the concept of polymer-supported additives and understand if it is feasible to use the approach to boost performance and minimise deleterious effects from freely-circulating lubricant additives.
The technical motivation for this work is to bypass the unwanted side-effects that are associated with some of the current additives used in engines oils to provide performance. For example, aminic anti-oxidants can cause deposits, aliphatic amines damage seals, polymeric dispersants have a detrimental effect on vehicle fuel economy and ash-containing additives can affect exhaust after-treatment via the combustion chamber. This balance of positive and negative performance factors from additives is why lubricant design is a careful game of formulation optimisation.
The work programme will include organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, polymer characterisation and polymer testing. The polymer testing component of the work programme will include the screening of the polymeric materials for their ability to remove contaminants, for example acidic species, free radicals and sludge, from engine oils. Other aspects of polymer functionality, such as the ability to reduce engine oil oxidation rates, may be explored. Aspects of this work can be undertaken at the University using standard solutions of contaminants or spiked model engine oils, however evaluation will eventually have to be performed in situ within fired engines in the industrial facilities for full validation.


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