Terahertz Absorbing Metamaterials for detection systems

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


This report looks into the potential uses of meta-materials in future detection systems
for terahertz. By designing a meta-material which achieves near unity absorption of terahertz
it would be possible to create both broadband and precise detectors. Devices such
as these could be used in spectroscopy measurements as well as potential applications
within industry where terahertz frequencies are already used, such as dermatology, medical
imaging and the pharmaceutical industry as well as security and communication.
This report looks into the design and of the simulations of meta-material structures to
find optimal absorption for different designs and configurations, It is found it is possible
to achieve unity absorption using split ring resonator meta-materials. The aim of this
project are to design meta-material detectors for terahertz applications with improved
response time and sensitivity.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/N509747/1 30/09/2016 29/09/2021
1921450 Studentship EP/N509747/1 28/09/2016 30/11/2020 Lewis Piper
Description Through my research I have investigated the sensitivity of the samples I have made and shown that they respond as expected by the theory found in other peices of work.

This is good because it means we can potentially create more accurate instruments.
Exploitation Route It could be used to make more accurate detectors for thz. This would be useful for spectrometry, industry, security and alot more.
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Agriculture, Food and Drink,Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology,Security and Diplomacy