How our other genome - the microbiome - keeps us healthy (KORCSMAROS_E17ICASE)

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Graduate Office


How our other genome - the microbiome - keeps us healthy: understanding a long friendship using a combination of computational and experimental approaches.

Systems biology has revolutionized our way of thinking about biological systems. It has furthered our understanding of how various cellular processes contribute to health and if dysregulated lead to diseases. Interestingly, shifts in microbial composition are usually observed in diseased states and phenotypes. This throws open a number of questions such as the function(s) of the microbiome in maintaining health and homeostasis. Besides, the role of the microbiota in determining the final outcome of the interactions between environmental stressors and host responses is unclear. Thus, better understanding the beneficial effect of the commensal microbiota on host processes promoting homeostasis could help minimize the deleterious side-effects of products and thereby help in the formulation of safe and functional applications.


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