Development of novel sensors for radiotherapy verification

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


The PhD project will address the development of novel dosimeters for conventional radiotherapy and novel treatments. The trend in conventional radiotherapy is to move towards shorter treatments, using fewer but more intense pulses with varying pulse rates and intensities. Hence, there is a clear need for real time, pulse by pulse dosimetry. Currently, systems integrate over the treatment. Hence, the delivered dose is only checked after treatment. We aim to develop novel, extremely thin silicon diode dosimetry systems exploiting modern silicon processing technology, which will not suffer from the tissue equivalence issue, do not display the angular dependence and measure the delivered dose, pulse by pulse, in real time. With the advent of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), where the LINAC beam is dynamically shaped using multileaf collimators, it has become possible to deliver treatment with very high precision. High precision delivery is however more valuable when this information can be combined with the position of the tumour. To that effect, several consortia are developing integrated MRI-IMRT machines. This implies that the dosimetry needs to be done with high precision in a high magnetic field. We have already successfully tested the dosimetry system we developed for our NIHR-i4i project in a prototype MRI-IMRT in Utrecht. In this PhD we will further develop the detectors, the readout and the data analysis for both challenges. The work will also encompass a large Monte Carlo simulation program to optimize the designs. We aim to produce functional prototypes for both applications.


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