Probing feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


The project will consist in constraining the AGN/quasar feedback resulting from the heating of the circumgalactic medium
due to the injection of energy through outflows. According to models, such heating results into a suppression of the
cooling and accretion of gas onto the galaxy, hence yielding to quenching star formation as a result of starvation.
The project aims at tracing such heating of the halo gas by exploiting ALMA observations of galaxies hosting AGN or quasars
with the goal of detecting the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect associated with such feedback process. The project consists
both in the analysis of individual deep observations and the statistical detection of the effect through stacking of several
different observations.


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Brownson S (2019) Detecting the halo heating from AGN feedback with ALMA in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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ST/R504671/1 30/09/2017 29/09/2021
1948643 Studentship ST/R504671/1 30/09/2017 26/09/2021 Simcha Brownson