Safely adding a moving garbage collector to a non-garbage collected programming language.

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Informatics


Retro-fitting precise Garbage Collection (GC) to an existing language is hard and thus conservative GC is generally used instead. However, conservative GC is slower, and can cause memory leaks. Correctly identifying all pointers to an object makes retro-fitting a precise, moving collector particularly difficult. My research will include adding an optional, precise, moving GC to Rust with an intuitive API. It lets programmers choose which Rust objects are GC'd, with references to and from other non-GC'd objects also possible.

The research will include the design and implementation of the prototypical GC in Rust and a performance evaluation against other, existing GCs.


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Studentship Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Student Name
EP/N509498/1 01/10/2016 30/09/2021
1949880 Studentship EP/N509498/1 01/10/2017 30/09/2021 Jake Jacob Hughes