Exploring the Climate Change Impacts on Food Availability in Agroforestry Livelihoods: A Rural Moshi Study

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: School of Geography


Agricultures addition into forests (agroforestry) has widespread praise for improving farmer's climate change (CC) resiliency. However, in some Tanzanian agroforests CC implications are visually evident, meaning potential repercussions for food security and ecosystem services, mainly soil conservation. Accurate data of forest cover and soil components under CC are missing, therefore, impacts on food security and dependant livelihoods are unclear. This, coupled with little known barriers to adaptation, restricts capabilities to develop necessary responses. Thus, understanding CC impacts on agroforestry livelihoods and food security is vital to ensure adaptive measures are devisable, and achieve adaptive capacity, food security and livelihood sustainability.
This interdisciplinary project investigates whether Tanzanian agroforests appropriately support farming livelihoods, food security and adaptive capacities under CC, using Rural Moshi as a case study. This involves: 1) exploring CC impacts on agroforestry livelihoods, 2) CC effects on soil fertility and crop productivity and 3) examining how farmers adapt. Hypothetically, CC will worsen food insecurities due to diminishing agroforests, which reduce soil fertility. Using the sustainable livelihoods and food security four pillars theoretical frameworks, the fieldwork will include interdisciplinary research. 90 farmers will be interviewed using selective and chain sampling, allowing for agroforesters vs non-agroforesters cross-comparisons. Qualitative and quantitative methods are necessary, using collection instruments involving: interviews, crop yield assessments, soil sampling and secondary data analysis. Where required, interview coding, statistical analysis and mapping analytical tools will be applied. Project outcomes could impact Tanzanian, agricultural and food-secure organisation's CC policy, and advance forestry CC adaptation knowledge, allowing for future research.


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