Spin Transport and Magnetization switching in realistic devices

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


This project is focused on material and device design for magnetic storage applications of spin currents in non-magnetic materials. We will extend existing methodologies to incorporate more realistic device designs including multilayers, interfaces, and surfaces to describe the actual switching mechanism in magnetic storage devices. The density functional implementation is relying on a relativistic Green's function method which is a powerful tool for transport calculations in complex materials.

All calculations will be guided by experimental methods used by collaborators in Tokyo, Osaka, Bristol and San Sebastian and by the needs for the actual industrial application. More fundamentally the focus will be to describe the various mechanisms on equal footing, including the Berry curvature driven intrinsic mechanism. This is a major challenge which has not yet been delivered by the community. To achieve this aspect formal derivations on a more abstract mathematical level have to be delivered and translated into computer code.

Initially, we will calculate spin dependent transport properties induced via impurity scattering. We will start to calculate the spin accumulation at interfaces something only done by one group so far. In the next step we will perform first principle calculations identifying ideal material combinations. The focus will be on high spin-orbit coupling materials which ideally are abundantly available and cheap in order to support the applications in industry


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