Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Storage

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


Quantum sensors provide unprecedented precision & accuracy, and are surpassing their classical counter parts in most of the cases. For instance, optical clocks have already reached the unprecedented precision ~1*10-18, which is unthinkable using conventional mechanical oscillators. The underpinning idea behind is about trapping and cooling of atoms to ultra low temperatures. Now thrust is on to translating these proven concepts into application domains including quantum communication and quantum networks. In our lab, we routinely cool millions of Sr atoms to micro Kelvin temperature. Atom shot noise is one of the fundamental barriers to an ultimate achievable precision in these quantum sensors. In our experiment, we aim to use the 3P0-3D1 transition in order to create entanglement between Sr atoms at different lattice sites [1]. This entanglement is caused by a large induced dipole moment (>3.5Debye). Entangling N atoms will increase the precision of an atomic sensor by factor of sqrt N. In this project, detection techniques will play a crucial role. As part of the thesis work, we will setup Blue Detuned 3D Lattice and load it with 1 atom per lattice site. We will explore the dependence and degree of Entanglement as function of the relevant parameters in the experiments including dipolar lattice polarisation states.We will also explore the possibility of using the clock transition for Quantum Memory. Doppler free implementation and large coherence times set this approach distinctly apart from the currently used approaches based on hot atoms. Quantum memories are very crucial to realising quantum computers and quantum networks. Within the project, there will be an opportunity to gain experience and expertise on vacuum chamber, lasers, optical-interface and computer control.


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EP/N509590/1 01/10/2016 30/09/2021
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