Investigating the potential of selected teachers to become key leaders in long-term, school based, mental health interventions

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bath
Department Name: Department for Health


The rates of young people experiencing mental health (MH) problems are steadily increasing, affecting their productivity, academic success, and happiness. There is need to develop more innovative approaches in contexts that shape young people's lives, to curb the rising rates of MH problems. Therefore, this study aims to:
- Design a novel, evidence-based MH programme, that develops a culture of change, to facilitate the reduction of MH issues in youth, and evidence need for a transformed model of teacher training
1. Strengthening the SMH research base, through transformative research, to enhance school culture
2. Creating a long-term study to identify impacts
3. Creating an intervention that targets designated members of school staff in a whole-school approach to promote help-seeking
Research suggests that when MH is taught within schools, MH literacy improves, subsequently reducing stigma, whilst increasing help-seeking behaviours and academic performance. Despite this, schools receive limited funding to address MH, reducing their opportunity to maximise potential. In addition, academic research in this field is limited, thus resulting in a narrow evidence base to inform policy and educators. Therefore, it is paramount to conduct research into SMH to inform the field.


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