Who Controls the Border? An Analysis of British and European Far-right

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Politics and International Studies


I am currently studying Social Science Research to gain the requisite research skills for formal PhD study in the following year. My PhD project involves the study of the far right in Europe and their relationship with migration being framed as a security threat. The project will also look at how functions of bordering occur within as well as at the perimeters of states. Since the project is on hold until next year, my supervisor has advised me to read broadly on some of the more philosophical issues at play in this project, but also methods of conducting research on the far right.
Since there are major ethical issues that need to be considered when studying the far right, my supervisor and I have devised numerous alternatives if direct observation of far right groups is deemed inappropriate or rendered impossible. A qualitative focus on narratives will allow study without direct participation and given the growing online presence (and in some cases exclusive existence) of far right communities, web-based observation is an option that will be more ethically sound. Given that far right violence is an area of inquiry for this project, there will be a certain amount of work that can only be done at a distance and as a result the questions asked about far right violence will be more philosophical than immediately practical.
The aim of this research project is to unpick the methods by which far right groups have constructed their identities and ascertain if there is a relationship between these identities, migration being treated as a security threat and bordering practices. This project also has a secondary aim, if successful this research will allow for a deconstruction of far right identities, with the normative aim of pushing for a more tolerant and less violent society.


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