Exploring RAC-GEF independent roles of PREX1 in neutrophils

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Plant Sciences


This PhD project aims to elucidate the importance of this new adaptor function for neutrophil biology. To this end, we have generated a mouse strain in which Prex1 is mutated to be catalytically inactive Prex1*. We hypothesize that Prex1* will control receptor trafficking and dampen neutrophil signalling and responses.

The student will use neutrophils isolated from wild-type, Prex1 deficient and Prex1* mice to test the ability of Prex1* neutrophils to produce oxygen radicals and to migrate, to evaluate receptor trafficking and the principal signalling pathways and effector responses, employing various techniques such as imaging, western blotting and flow cytometry. S/he will also assess neutrophil recruitment to inflamed and infected tissues and the capacity to kill pathogens, using methods such as lavages, histology and intravital microscopy. Thus, s/he will become an expert in signalling, trafficking and leukocyte biology. Moreover, his/her findings may have significant impact on future treatment strategies in inflammatory diseases that are exacerbated by excessively recruited and activated neutrophils.


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