Diagnostics for Microbial Resistance

Lead Research Organisation: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Department Name: Parasitology


The aim of this project is to design a highly multiplexed molecular diagnostic assays for the detection of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) markers of Gram negative bacteria. We will partner with GeneFirst and BioGene to design assays with the capacity to multiplex more than 20 markers in one reaction. We will also investigate sample preparation and direct use of clinical samples which avoid a culture step.
Samples would be obtained from the Royal Liverpool hospital and established field sites in Malawi and Nepal. This project spans T1 to T3 of the translational pathway and encapsulates MRC directives by offering collaborations with industry and academic partners. Additionally, using quantitative skills developed at the University of Lancaster it's intended that the sociology of AMR transmission can be investigated, and hope to investigate the role of socioeconomics.


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