Laser Peri-Dyeing of Narrow Band Fabrics

Lead Research Organisation: Loughborough University
Department Name: Wolfson Sch of Mech, Elec & Manufac Eng


Finishing processes represent the majority of the inherent energy cost in the production of textile products. Existing techniques are wasteful in their use of energy, water and chemicals to manufacture functionalised coatings. The use of laser based processes would enable precise and customised manufacture of technical textiles on both 2D and 3D substrates. There would be significant commercial advantages of a process that could add functionalised coatings to assembled products in only specific desired locations. A detailed programme of work is now required to develop and assess the engineering solutions.

This project aims to develop a detailed understanding of the laser-material interactions and their exact resource consumption to explore and exploit the potential commercial benefits of laser processing of textiles. This will require systematic experimentation and analysis of the laser process and development of new techniques. Work will include the use and development of new high-power laser materials processing and 3D textile handling equipment. Developing an experimental process for quantifying and predicting the resource consumption and the material modifications created by these processes. Evaluating the long term and commercial performance of textiles treated by this process would also be essential to demonstrate viability to industry.


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