Real-world Aerodynamic Interaction between a Multi-Element Inverted Wing and Rotating Wheel in Ground Effect

Lead Research Organisation: Loughborough University
Department Name: Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


The aerodynamic interaction between an inverted wing and a rotating wheel in ground effect is a critical aerodynamic development area for a race-car. It plays a potentially significant role in the ability of one car to closely follow and pass another which is attractive to spectators and therefore important to the sport as a viable business. The physical phenomena involved, such as vortex dynamics and the true simulation of cornering, are also highly interesting to the wider field of aerodynamics. Whilst some previous work has been carried out regarding the interaction in a straight-line condition, the interaction between these components in a cornering condition has yet to be thoroughly examined. This coupled with the fact that the interaction between these components in cornering conditions is of a higher importance, as this is where the downforce generated is needed, makes this research particularly relevant. The primary investigation to be performed in this research, via both experimental and numerical methods, is to investigate the aerodynamic interaction between a multi-element inverted wing and rotating wheel in ground effect. This will be done in the straight-line and steady-state yaw angle conditions, which are typically used to assess cornering currently, before moving on to assess 'real world' effects. These will include the difference between steady-state yaw conditions and true cornering conditions, i.e. the vehicle taking a curved path through the air, and how the interaction between these two scenarios differ. The difference between the 'clean' onset conditions, usually assumed in both experiment and simulation, and the perturbed conditions experienced in the real world will also be investigated. As well as the influence on the aerodynamic forces produced, the behaviour of the vortices and other flow structures produced downstream of the geometry will be investigated both numerically and experimentally.


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