Precision Analysis of Multibody Decays at LHCb

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


Amplitude analyses provide unique access to quantum mechanical phases. In this PhD project we will develop new, high-performance amplitude analysis software that can deal with the vast datasets that are being accumulated by LHCb. Current software lacks both the computational capacity and the sophisticated theoretical models required. We will use AI methods to optimise this software, and will work closely with the theory community to implement sophisticated new models that allow us to fully exploit the huge clean datasets that are available and the even huger ones LHCb and, to a lesser extent, other experiments will accumulate in the future. We will apply those model to existing LHCb data. We expect to perform precision measurements of the charge-parity violation parameter gamma, and we will use our sophisticated amplitude analysis techniques to shed light on the role of strong interaction effects on the "flavour anomalies" that constitute some of the most exciting indications of "New Physics" beyond the Standard Model today.


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