The development and ultimately commercialisation of a new industrial process for sustainable polymer manufacturing

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Faculty of Engineering


Whilst still focussing primarily (but not exclusively) on polycondensation reactions this project will aim to understand the scalability of microwave assisted polymerisation reactions for the synthesis of polymeric materials for applications in the Performance Coatings industry. This could include the exploration of polycondensation reactions in a solvent free environment (i.e. a fusion process) in-line with the focus of a previous studentship and the IAA project within this group. Additionally this project is likely to include the exploration of azeotropic polycondensation processes assisted via a suitable solvent. This will include exploration into the synthesis of 'Target Materials'; polyester, polyamide, polyesteramide, polyurethane and alkyd materials, via either or both of these processes.

One of the significant challenges of bulk processing of condensation polymers is monitoring of reaction progress and conversion of functional groups. The student will also explore techniques for in-line monitoring of reaction process, via techniques such as in-line dielectric monitoring.




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NE/W503162/1 13/04/2021 12/04/2022
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